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Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver

Keep Out 2 (Direct3D) is a sequel to the popular Keep Out screen savers series
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1 December 2012

Editor's review

Leave aside the reason why screensavers are used in today’s world. With improvements in technology in the screens or monitor of PCs, screensavers are basically have becomes a source of entertainment, decoration or to signify the feeling of the person of which the computer belongs. Here is a creation of Digital Mind Software, which will best suit the users who do not want others to touch their PC. And this creation is Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver 2.4.3. With installing of this program in your PC you can view a skull which protrudes from the screen and giving you the signal of keeping out or not to touch the PC. The elements of the screensaver are animated and built in 3D technology and poises perfectly for a perfect screensaver.

Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver is built in a way that makes the whole scenario really threatening and spooky. The skull keeps on rotating along with the cross bones below it plus the sun-glass it wears makes the entire picture cool. But when the skull, cross bones and ominous back ground combines a deadly blend of images erupts that looks really threatening. The amazing molten visual effects and rotating action are not the only things that make the screensaver deadly exiting. A tense urban stereo sound effect that is imbibed into it and when the sounds are played the meaning of the whole screensaver gets cleared and you know that it will not be a good thing to touch the PC without authentication. Keep Out Screen Saver comes with password protection that prevents anyone to uninstall or change the screensaver.

Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver is available within your means and for all the style elements it has and the security it offers, we are quite bound to rate it with three stars on a scale of five.

Publisher's description

Keep Out 2 (Direct3D) is a sequel to the popular Keep Out screen savers series. It shows a realistic 3D skull with crossed bones rotating on your screen. The skull looks like… like alive.
He loves to play with molten metal and he tries to keep up with fashion - so he doesn't like to part with his favorite glasses. Don't worry! Keep Out is a reliable guard of your PC.
Note. This version requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or higher installed in your system.
Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver
Keep Out (Direct3D) Screen Saver
Version 2.4.3
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